31 May 2009

"A day without laughter..."

"... is a day wasted." - Catullus

If you need a pick-me-up, my lovelies, I suggest watching this.
Have a beautiful evening.

If you prefer to watch this video in a larger screen, or would like to bookmark it, please click here.

30 May 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Fourth

Summer is almost here! Instead of waiting for it to arrive, let us go and take it by the hand and invite it to play.

Today's challenge is to get your body moving. Go dancing. Play Frisbee. Run with your dog. Play tag. Do cartwheels. Go for a bike ride. Run barefoot through the long grass.

Isn't life beautiful, folks?

29 May 2009


I feel in limbo, stuck between things that I think I want to do - things I feel quietly speaking to me in my heart - and things that They know they want me to do, things They think are right, are proper, are conventional, and ordinary. But my dreams are bigger than that, my hopes loftier.

I want to touch the sky. I want to be bigger than this small human I am. I want to be wise and sure and unfaltering.

But instead, full of fear, I am still, neither moving ahead nor up, waiting, perhaps, for someone else to make the decision for me. I am unmoving while life flashes by, a year - two - gone in an instant.

When will I ever have the courage to follow my heart? Is it unwise to do so? Should I really stick to the safe plan, the uninteresting plan, the let-other-people-decide-for-me plan?

How does one ever really know if that voice deep down in one's Soul, speaking ever so softly, is wisdom or selfish stupidity?

28 May 2009

Dreaming Grandly

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." - Mark Twain

Dreams are essential to who we are. They are something uniquely human and drive us to plan and push and fight to attain higher goals. Dreams often provide many clues toward our mission in life, guiding us toward the path that we instinctively feel we should be following.

"Follow your dreams" has been so overused that it has become a cliché, though its mere existence perhaps proves that dreaming and hoping are an essential and forever part of humanity. We all have dreams, we all wish to fulfill them, and we all (hopefully) encourage others to follow their dreams, too.

However, occasionally it happens that those closest to us, whatever good intentions they might have, do not believe in us, support us, or trust that we will find our way. How can we disregard advice given us by those we love most and take off on a 'crazy' journey led by our hearts?

The world provides us with so many opportunities, but society expects normalcy, rigidity, and a tried-and-true Formula for our lives. How difficult it is to break away from that and live where our passion lies!

I wish I could say that I am breaking free of these bonds without fear, without hesitation, and without regret, but nothing could be further from the truth. Following one's heart is terrifying; trusting oneself implicitly and following the path that only we can see requires bravery beyond measure.

Take my hand, friend, and I will take yours, and we will face the World together.
We deserve that happiness.

26 May 2009

Soul Searching

So. Here I am on a suddenly cold, overcast, autumn-like day.. quiet, pondering, and enjoying the company of sleepy kitties (who somehow managed to sneak outside for the entire night).

Many new creations have been born in this place where I sit, creations summoned to life with acrylics and scraps of paper and glue sticks. Creations that have been pulled from my mind; the colour, shapes, words, and feelings that live there put down, permanently, on paper, in front of me. There is such joy in art. (Visit my Etsy shop, updated just a few hours ago, to see some of my recent artwork.)

And as to my previous post.. a promise made is a promise kept.
Here are my responses to some of the Fifteen Questions; a self-interview, if you will:

What makes you smile?
Nature, culture, ethnicity, humanity, "real" people, animals, colour, beauty, good, creativity, travel, adventure, thought, things that are meaningful.
Independence, freedom, new experiences, new places, possibility, imagination, quiet thought, walks, sitting in nature, the stars.

What makes you feel good about yourself?
Being original and beautiful. Having new experiences and LIVING. Making a difference. Being appreciated. Keeping cool-headed. Loving and caring for others (world, nature, those who can't care for themselves, the poor, the hungry, children, and animals).

If you could teach something, what would you teach?
Tolerance, kindness, compassion, love. Way to make the world a better place. Imagination. Faith. Passion. Happiness does not lie in material things!

What would you regret not fully doing, being, or having in your life?
Freedom. Travel. Good, similar people. A cause I really believe in and work towards. Meeting new people in other countries who are very different from myself. Art supplies. A child.
A strong, creative, passionate, well-travelled and unique/individual woman.

What are your deepest values?
Personal growth. Passion. Independence. Curiosity and wonder. Creativity. Kindness.

I have only posted the answers to five questions of fifteen. It is incredibly important to focus on the positive, to move away from the negative, to believe in yourself with your whole Heart, and to have an image of who you want to be. These five answers above most accurately portray my goals of whom I hope to become.

I still have much growing, learning, and discovering to do. We all have a journey, and I have only just begun mine.

Photo taken by Ingrid, 2008, Snowdon, Wales

25 May 2009

Etsy Update

Dear Friends,

I have been busy in my studio all day.. painting, sticking, messing, inking, stamping, drying, and brushing. I feel full of inspiration, creativity, and colour, and what a wonderful feeling that is, indeed!

I have just updated my Etsy shop with just a peek of the results of my day. Please visit, browse, and if you feel inclined, buy. I do so appreciate your support!

My answers to "Fifteen Questions" will be posted soon.

With love,

24 May 2009

Fifteen Questions

A few months ago I found a great article called 'Life on Purpose: 15 Questions to Discover Your Personal Mission'.

I'm not sure who the author is, but the fifteen questions that are asked of the reader will have you searching deep in your Soul, and perhaps will help you to find a few of the answers to one of the most important questions of any individual: who am I?

I found this to be a very enlightening exercise, even though I never actually made it to creating my mission statement. I never really needed to; I realised a good deal of my own purpose, dreams, and goals along the way. Don't they say that it is the journey, not the destination, that is the most important?

I shall share some of my own answers in my next post; you are very welcome to share your own self realisations!

Happy discovering,

23 May 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Third

It's Saturday again. I simply can't (and don't) believe it.

This week has flown past me -- a blur -- and I find that I can't really remember much of what happened over the course of the past seven days. There was nothing of great importance, really. I didn't do anything that stands out. I didn't push forward; I didn't explore my own world; I didn't create something memorable, or important, or something of which to be proud.

And that saddens me.

I do so wish that I could look back on each day and know at least one thing I did was Good: good for the earth, good for someone else, good for my future. Something that makes the world better, even if it is in the teeniest tiniest of ways.

I challenge myself - and you - today to do something which will make you proud. Accomplish those things that you have been putting off. Call that friend who lives so far away, the one that you keep meaning to call but never get around to. Create a piece of art. Go on a roadtrip.. even if it's only to the next town. Help out someone who needs it. Get something done - make progress - feel like you're making a difference in your own life!

This is a quest to find a small thing every day that in its own way betters the world and our own lives. Tiny things that matter. Tiny things that, when added up, amount to great things.

That's all that the world really is, isn't it? Thousands and millions and billions of small deeds, moments, words, ideas, helping hands, and everyday magic that in the end amount to truly amazing accomplishments, changes, theories, and progressions.

It's a small thing. One small change in our everyday lives will add up to something incredible.
Let's start today.

19 May 2009


It's a beautiful, beautiful day!

Go play, explore, twirl, skip, climb. Pick flowers. Watch the clouds passing lazily overhead. Listen to the breeze. Feel the sun on your skin.

Enjoy this moment... this one. Right here. The one you can reach out and touch with your finger right this very second. It will never pass by you again.

Be wonderful, entrancing, radiant, glowing, happy, and light.
Be you.

And enjoy it.

17 May 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Second

Dear Friends,

Every day we are surrounded by countless strangers - on the road, in the store, on the street. So often I wonder about their lives.. what they worry about, what they hope, what their dreams are, and what their fears are. We are each so special, so precious, so unique, and yet all so similar and, in the end, all so much alike.

We each have our own fears and hopes and dreams, yet so rarely do we really step out of ourselves, out of our everyday trifles, to look into someone else's heart and acknowledge, share, strengthen, and support these qualities that bring us together as humans. When was the last time you reached out to a stranger?

And so today, my dear ones, I challenge you to do something kind for a stranger. Whether it be big or small, a smile or a $100 bill, a kind word or help with luggage or a seat on the train, help another Soul to lighten its load. Let us share as brothers and love as sisters, spreading all that is good and kind and beautiful with one another. We all deserve it.

14 May 2009

Dancing Trees

Oh, my.. what a busy week it's been! I hope that these past days have treated you well, allowing you to bask in the sunshine, dance under the stars, and take deep breaths of lovely almost-summer air.

The trees outside my window are dancing in the wind, waving their branches like wild nymphs.. They are beautiful to watch. When was the last time you looked - really looked - at the world outside?

Sadly, we are all too often cooped up inside, surrounded by phones, TVs, and computers, preoccupied with to-do lists and and all sorts of other stimuli that distract us from the outdoors. Nature calms us, heals us, soothes us, and gives us that rare moment to quiet our thoughts and listen to our heartbeats, fill our lungs with good air, and realise that those big important stressful chaotic things in our lives really don't matter.

The birds, if you listen, are constantly chirping, warbling, and singing beautifully about how wonderful life is. Take the time to hear them.

Notice the world changing before your very eyes.. and be a part of it.

09 May 2009

Saturday Challenge, the First

Hello once again, dear friends!

I hope that each and every one of you is well and happy, full of life and love and laughter..
I hope that you are appreciating this moment - this very one, that is happening right now. Life flies by, I've found. Become aware and grateful for each and every moment. Especially this one. Right this second.

There has finally been a bit of sunshine in between all the rain that has soaked our ground recently, and the green now present is astonishing.. Everything is changing, growing, expanding, reaching, bursting, blossoming, becoming. How about you? Are you learning something from the Spring and the changes that are exploding around you?

Today, I challenge you to finish something you have been putting off. I am quite a procrastinator, and sure could benefit from my own advice at the moment.

Much love for my Loves,

03 May 2009


I found this charming, sweet, heartwarming video a little while ago. It is a short film and so is just a wee bit longer, perhaps, than you are used to.. It is worth it, however, and if you do manage to find the time to snuggle down and get a dose of the warm and fuzzies, please do.

Be inspired. Be happy. Be sparkly and energetic and radiant. Make today your own!
Have an exceptional day,

02 May 2009

Number One

Here I am, however many years later, about to begin once again on the uncertain and vaguely exciting journey of blogging. I have been deeply inspired by many lovely ladies in the Blog World and hope to perhaps one day live up to them and their creative, kind, uplifting and humourous ways..

Perhaps I shall write about how uninspired my life is at the moment and how stuck I feel in the place that I am. About how I am searching for something that I can be a part of. Searching for something important and meaningful and fulfilling; for something that makes me completely, thoroughly, and absolutely happy; something that motivates me to help others, change the world, to see beauty and peace and love in every individual.

Let's - you and I - take a walk together and search for these things within ourselves, find what our strengths are, our dreams, our needs, and share with each other how much we have to give the world.

Will you come with me?


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