02 May 2009

Number One

Here I am, however many years later, about to begin once again on the uncertain and vaguely exciting journey of blogging. I have been deeply inspired by many lovely ladies in the Blog World and hope to perhaps one day live up to them and their creative, kind, uplifting and humourous ways..

Perhaps I shall write about how uninspired my life is at the moment and how stuck I feel in the place that I am. About how I am searching for something that I can be a part of. Searching for something important and meaningful and fulfilling; for something that makes me completely, thoroughly, and absolutely happy; something that motivates me to help others, change the world, to see beauty and peace and love in every individual.

Let's - you and I - take a walk together and search for these things within ourselves, find what our strengths are, our dreams, our needs, and share with each other how much we have to give the world.

Will you come with me?

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