14 May 2009

Dancing Trees

Oh, my.. what a busy week it's been! I hope that these past days have treated you well, allowing you to bask in the sunshine, dance under the stars, and take deep breaths of lovely almost-summer air.

The trees outside my window are dancing in the wind, waving their branches like wild nymphs.. They are beautiful to watch. When was the last time you looked - really looked - at the world outside?

Sadly, we are all too often cooped up inside, surrounded by phones, TVs, and computers, preoccupied with to-do lists and and all sorts of other stimuli that distract us from the outdoors. Nature calms us, heals us, soothes us, and gives us that rare moment to quiet our thoughts and listen to our heartbeats, fill our lungs with good air, and realise that those big important stressful chaotic things in our lives really don't matter.

The birds, if you listen, are constantly chirping, warbling, and singing beautifully about how wonderful life is. Take the time to hear them.

Notice the world changing before your very eyes.. and be a part of it.

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