09 May 2009

Saturday Challenge, the First

Hello once again, dear friends!

I hope that each and every one of you is well and happy, full of life and love and laughter..
I hope that you are appreciating this moment - this very one, that is happening right now. Life flies by, I've found. Become aware and grateful for each and every moment. Especially this one. Right this second.

There has finally been a bit of sunshine in between all the rain that has soaked our ground recently, and the green now present is astonishing.. Everything is changing, growing, expanding, reaching, bursting, blossoming, becoming. How about you? Are you learning something from the Spring and the changes that are exploding around you?

Today, I challenge you to finish something you have been putting off. I am quite a procrastinator, and sure could benefit from my own advice at the moment.

Much love for my Loves,

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