17 May 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Second

Dear Friends,

Every day we are surrounded by countless strangers - on the road, in the store, on the street. So often I wonder about their lives.. what they worry about, what they hope, what their dreams are, and what their fears are. We are each so special, so precious, so unique, and yet all so similar and, in the end, all so much alike.

We each have our own fears and hopes and dreams, yet so rarely do we really step out of ourselves, out of our everyday trifles, to look into someone else's heart and acknowledge, share, strengthen, and support these qualities that bring us together as humans. When was the last time you reached out to a stranger?

And so today, my dear ones, I challenge you to do something kind for a stranger. Whether it be big or small, a smile or a $100 bill, a kind word or help with luggage or a seat on the train, help another Soul to lighten its load. Let us share as brothers and love as sisters, spreading all that is good and kind and beautiful with one another. We all deserve it.

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