23 May 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Third

It's Saturday again. I simply can't (and don't) believe it.

This week has flown past me -- a blur -- and I find that I can't really remember much of what happened over the course of the past seven days. There was nothing of great importance, really. I didn't do anything that stands out. I didn't push forward; I didn't explore my own world; I didn't create something memorable, or important, or something of which to be proud.

And that saddens me.

I do so wish that I could look back on each day and know at least one thing I did was Good: good for the earth, good for someone else, good for my future. Something that makes the world better, even if it is in the teeniest tiniest of ways.

I challenge myself - and you - today to do something which will make you proud. Accomplish those things that you have been putting off. Call that friend who lives so far away, the one that you keep meaning to call but never get around to. Create a piece of art. Go on a roadtrip.. even if it's only to the next town. Help out someone who needs it. Get something done - make progress - feel like you're making a difference in your own life!

This is a quest to find a small thing every day that in its own way betters the world and our own lives. Tiny things that matter. Tiny things that, when added up, amount to great things.

That's all that the world really is, isn't it? Thousands and millions and billions of small deeds, moments, words, ideas, helping hands, and everyday magic that in the end amount to truly amazing accomplishments, changes, theories, and progressions.

It's a small thing. One small change in our everyday lives will add up to something incredible.
Let's start today.


Peter said...

Ingrid, while I share your Carpe Diem approach life, I also suggest making peace with the sacred ordinary. It is not about settling - rather it is about settling into what matters - snowflakes, a child's smile, and the peaceful stillness of dawn. I wish you well on your journey.

Ingrid said...

Yes, a balance of the two is important.

My intent was to recognise that while being caught up in each moment and in the beauty of each 'ordinary' thing is incredibly important, should we do only that we could never push forward from the present to the future.

Observation and appreciation of those small moments bring so much beauty and happiness into life, but action - however small a deed it may be - teaches self-discipline and is what moves us from the present to the future.

It is the two in balance that help to make life so wonderful.
Thank you for your thoughts, Peter!


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