26 May 2009

Soul Searching

So. Here I am on a suddenly cold, overcast, autumn-like day.. quiet, pondering, and enjoying the company of sleepy kitties (who somehow managed to sneak outside for the entire night).

Many new creations have been born in this place where I sit, creations summoned to life with acrylics and scraps of paper and glue sticks. Creations that have been pulled from my mind; the colour, shapes, words, and feelings that live there put down, permanently, on paper, in front of me. There is such joy in art. (Visit my Etsy shop, updated just a few hours ago, to see some of my recent artwork.)

And as to my previous post.. a promise made is a promise kept.
Here are my responses to some of the Fifteen Questions; a self-interview, if you will:

What makes you smile?
Nature, culture, ethnicity, humanity, "real" people, animals, colour, beauty, good, creativity, travel, adventure, thought, things that are meaningful.
Independence, freedom, new experiences, new places, possibility, imagination, quiet thought, walks, sitting in nature, the stars.

What makes you feel good about yourself?
Being original and beautiful. Having new experiences and LIVING. Making a difference. Being appreciated. Keeping cool-headed. Loving and caring for others (world, nature, those who can't care for themselves, the poor, the hungry, children, and animals).

If you could teach something, what would you teach?
Tolerance, kindness, compassion, love. Way to make the world a better place. Imagination. Faith. Passion. Happiness does not lie in material things!

What would you regret not fully doing, being, or having in your life?
Freedom. Travel. Good, similar people. A cause I really believe in and work towards. Meeting new people in other countries who are very different from myself. Art supplies. A child.
A strong, creative, passionate, well-travelled and unique/individual woman.

What are your deepest values?
Personal growth. Passion. Independence. Curiosity and wonder. Creativity. Kindness.

I have only posted the answers to five questions of fifteen. It is incredibly important to focus on the positive, to move away from the negative, to believe in yourself with your whole Heart, and to have an image of who you want to be. These five answers above most accurately portray my goals of whom I hope to become.

I still have much growing, learning, and discovering to do. We all have a journey, and I have only just begun mine.

Photo taken by Ingrid, 2008, Snowdon, Wales

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