11 June 2009

Art Faeries

Since my last post, I have been painting and writing and sticking and cutting and playing.. and, as always, leaving a trail of scrap paper, wet paint, glue, and other supplies behind.

'Art-ing' is such a unique experience. When one creates, a stillness is created in which one can hear soft voices whispering from the depths of the Soul. (They speak of what it means to be alive and how spectacular life is.) Art is about acknowledging, exploring, and feeling one's emotions, whether they be positive or negative. (It also helps to heal pain or to spread happiness.)

To make art is truly to have a conversation with oneself. It is about learning to love, trust, and communicate. And what one learns is incredible, even if it can't quite be put into words.

Art Journal detail, June 2009
"May my Soul bloom in love for all existence!" - Rudolf Steiner

May your day be filled with creativity and colour, peace and love, happiness and wonder. Shine, my lovelies, for you have so much to give the world.

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