08 June 2009

Through a Creative Labyrinth

I have been bouncing all over the internet today, revisiting some of my favourite artists and their beautiful vibrant, imaginative, experimental, and soulful work. I feel my creativity being refilled.

I've been in a rut for the past couple of days, feeling unmotivated and useless and stuck, and feeling slightly out of myself, as if my soul is not quite firmly settled into my body. I suppose we all have times in our lives where we aren't sure how to move forward and are a little intimidated to try. Making changes can be scary, no matter how wonderful it is once you have come round to the other side.

The summer is here, and I should be filled right now with endless possibilities, happiness beyond measure, and energy without boundaries. I have been waiting, searching, and hoping for Me to return, full of life and laughter and light.

And now, slowly, I feel myself becoming more engaged, ready to burst into creative light-speed, giggling and making the world explode with colour. Surrounding yourself with imagination and love and boldness is the way to go.

I'm finding my way back into my groove.

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