05 June 2009

Mysteries of Life: Part 1

Lately I have been thinking about what it means to be alive and aware, and what it really means to be human. Because this is such a huge subject, I'm going to break it into several - or many - posts, as whole lifetimes are spent discussing "Why are we here?".

Pondering the meaning of life has been a practice by humans since the beginning of our existence, and while many beliefs have been established, no one really knows for sure what is, or if there is, a Right and True answer. Countless philosophers have developed innumerable theories regarding life's meaning and our purpose in our existence.

Regardless of one's belief, being alive is an unbelievable gift. To think, to feel, and to witness all the day-to-day miracles and to share them with our fellow humans - how indescribably lucky we are!

We each have our own thoughts, our own personalities. We make our own choices and our own mistakes; we choose what is important and what can wait. We have our morals and our beliefs, our own sense of styles and fashion. We love. We have our differences, our similarities, our hopes and dreams and fears and joys and sorrows.

We each have a body - hands, toes, lungs, arms, legs, a neck, a heart, a brain - and we can move it in any way we please. We can eat and digest food. We can run. We can think and analyse and rationalise. We have feelings; we can love. We can reach out and stroke a cat, type on a keyboard, or paint.

You, my friend, are an amazing individual.
Let's celebrate, shall we?

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