13 June 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Sixth

Well - I made it!

After a very long drive and a boat ride, I am on a beautiful island full of artists and independent thinkers. I am near to the beach and with my art supplies close to my fingertips. I hope that soon I will feel myself being soothed, inspired, and challenged. What a lovely breath of fresh air this is, though, as always, there is also much hard work to be done.

This week, m'dears, I challenge you to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Go on a walk and pay close attention to all the small things - the birds, the trees, and the sunlight - that make the world so interesting. Go on a road trip, even if it's just to the next town. Explore your backyard, or go to a flea market and see what interesting things you can find!

There are so many details in everyday life that we pass by as 'common,' 'routine,' and 'ordinary' and we forget to notice them when in fact the most amazing things can be discovered in the most unexpected places. Go explore, discover, and observe!

I wish you all a beautiful Saturday filled with the most wonderful of adventures!

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