30 June 2009

You Are So Worth it, My Dear!

Dear Blog, I have not forgotten you!

I have come to realise that eight and a half or nine hours of sleep does the trick; now I am not feeling quite so sleepy and discombobulated when I come home from work. Seven-hour-a-day lawn work is exhausting, though it gives me quite an opportunity to think about Life and all its wonders.

Recently, and partly inspired by Friday's post, I have been thinking quite a lot about confidence and what part it plays in success, relationships, hopes, and dreams.

I am personally not one who has been blessed with confidence; I am dependent on others' opinions, beliefs, and words to boost my self-worth. My mood is greatly affected by those around me. I lack faith that I am wonderful, beautiful perfection just as I am. I am saddened by this, and have begun the journey to turn these negativities around.

What, really, does it mean to be confident? I believe that it is the ability to support oneself emotionally; to be unafraid of failure, or to at least have the assurance that failure is merely something to push through; to be unaffected by others' views; and to maintain cheerfulness and positivity through the good or the bad.

It is saying, "I am good enough" - "I matter" - "I am worthy". (I certainly need to repeat this to myself more often. Do you?)

In my opinion, confidence plays an enormous role in the successes of one's life. With confidence, one has the strength to make one's own choices, and the faith that it will all be okay should it not turn out well. Challenges will not be a looming wall impossible to climb, but merely a puzzle, an adventure in finding the creativity to find a path around the obstacle.

Confidence brings a smile to one's face and a glow from within. It brings us the ability to choose and stand up for what is right, no matter how great the opposition.

Naturally, questions abound: How does one become confident enough to make choices right for one's self? Is it possible to learn it if one is not confident? Where does one find those answers, or does one have to learn them for oneself? Answers never come easily, it seems, though questions to life's mysteries are endless.

There is a saying by Jane Roberts: "You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy." If you don't love yourself, then why should anyone else? This is something that I am slowly learning, and I am slowly working on reversing my not-always-positive thoughts toward myself.

Confidence, I believe, is the key to happiness. Not being afraid to fail - not being afraid to appear ridiculous - not being afraid in general. Confident doesn't have to be cocky. It can be a quiet trust in the Self that wields the power to push through steadily towards a goal that only you can truly know.
Repeat after me:
  • I am perfect just the way I am.
  • My presence in the world is appreciated more than I could possibly imagine.
  • I deserve happiness, I deserve my dreams, I deserve to be loved.
.. Because you are, and you do - and so do I.

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