26 July 2009

Catching Up on Daily Art Cards

Last year I was (as always) inspired by iHanna to commit to 365 days' worth of art cards. I like this idea of committing to something, even something very small, for an entire year; as I have a terrible habit of not finishing things, I thought this might be a good project to exercise follow-through.

Up until the beginning of June I had been doing very well, forgetting only once or twice, and for two weeks not doing any when I had a guest from overseas. But.. over the past two months I have been falling very far behind. Being in a different place for the summer - and leaving most of my art supplies behind - has been difficult and my cards have been sadly neglected.

Today, I finally took the time to catch up. Yes, I cheated a bit: instead of creating each card individually, I did an entire page and then cut it up the cards. This can also be done for ATCs. Take a look:

1. Decide what size you want your cards to be (ATCs are always 2.5" x 3.5"), and measure and divide your paper with a pencil and something straight. I use watercolour paper for my cards; it holds up to whatever I end up doing to it! I also marked several papers at once; then, once I was in painting mode, I didn't have to stop every time to measure and so on.

2. Flip the paper over. (I made the mistake of painting on the marked size, and couldn't find where to cut after I was finished!) Now you can do whatever you want to it! I started by painting a base with red and yellow, then gessoed over it when it was partially dry.

3. Doodle, glue, write, collage, draw, paint, stamp, and/or add stickers or stencils.

4. Paint some more! Add layers, scrape away paint... Play and play and play until you are happy with the result. Then, put the paper aside to dry, and start on the next one!

5. When the papers are dry, flip the paper back over and cut along the marks you made in step 1. I write the date on the back of each of mine - because I was making up for several months' worth of cards, I wrote a different date on each of them for the days I had missed.

If you need more inspiration, you can find loads of things on flickr. Check out this page for starters. There are also lots of sites for trading your cards - I hope one day to participate in swaps with other artists around the world.

And now... go create something!

1 comment:

iHanna said...

Yay you Ingrid, well done to catch up and note beat yourself up about it! :-)


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