01 July 2009

Lazy Days and Sweet Summer Nights

July has begun!

This month brings hot, lazy days filled with sunshine, pool-side visits, road trips, iced lemonade, and twinkling fireflies for much of the country. July Fourth brings celebration in just a few days - fireworks, backyard suppers, family, and friends abound, all helping to celebrate our country's birth into independence.

The Milky Way, if you look, will on clear nights astound you with its vastness, its beauty, its mysteries and its closeness - if you stretch out your fingers, perhaps wisps of stars and galaxies will dance their way down to earth, kissing your fingertips and telling you that all is well in the world!

Another month also is the start of a new Word of the Month. Through all the excitement of sunshine and holidays and togetherness, perhaps it is also a time to look into our hearts and see what is being quietly whispered to us.

With the word introspection I hope that each will take a moment of time every now and again amidst the laughter and the play to reconnect with ourselves - have a conversation with ourselves - and be reminded of those things with which we have been greatly blessed. Find a few still minutes between it all to lie on a hammock with a cold drink, watch the clouds, and find peace in your heart!

Now - go outside and celebrate sweet smells, crickets' chirps, and the full days and nights of deep summer!

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