28 July 2009

L'inKspiration Day #2

I have been listening to quite a number of podcasts recently, and have only just discovered such inspirational ones as CraftyPod and CraftSanity. Wow, have I been missing out! The downside of both of these is that when I listen to them at work, I want to leave immediately and go make things.

Many, many ideas have suddenly begun fluttering around in my head. As I am away from home for the summer, I will have to wait until I am back with all my art supplies to begin. For now, I've started a list so as not to forget all the crafts I hope to experiment with when I return:
  • Make a zine
  • I'd love to get into sewing. I have a big bust doesn't fit well into store-bought clothes, and would love to make some dresses, shirts, and skirts. I only have this pattern so far, but I'd love find more and also learn how to make my own patterns. Any thoughts or tips?
  • Make earrings from sculpy clay, like these
  • Find a peace knitting group or make something and send it to someone in need
  • Next November, 'National Book Writing Month', I want to write a novel with NaNoWriMo. Though I'm sure I'd do well to start, I'm not sure I'd ever finish - but it's worth a shot, right? If I don't manage well, I can always wait until April to try my hand at writing a script!
  • Make prayer beads
  • Make paper dolls (sort of like this one) and an art muse fabric doll

The CraftSanity interview with Violette Clark has really touched me. I have listened to it twice already. Violette is a 50-something year old woman who has broken free of all societal expectations, and is fully living her life on her own terms: filled with colour, happiness, art, and imagination. I have for a long time struggled with who I am and greatly admire anyone who can stand up bravely and declare, "This is me! And I am not ashamed!" I will continue to think about this and perhaps will write a post on the topic a bit later.

I do encourage you in the meantime to listen to this episode with the woman who painted her house purple, chartreuse, and fuchsia and whose car is also purple and glittery. It will make you laugh if nothing else!

After I left you with the last post, I felt a bit guilty that I hadn't provided more links to ATCs than I did. I searched today and found a few more sources and information on ATCs if you are interested in making them:
  • CraftyPod episode on ATCs with Judy Corona
  • Find swaps here or here, though you have to sign up on both websites to participate. You can find many more swapping groups on Yahoo or Google.
  • This book, by Patricia Boldon, looks incredibly interesting and inspirational. I haven't read it yet, but it's on my wish list!
And that's all for today, my lovelies. If you find anything interesting in your internet wanderings, please let me know!

Smile, twirl, and be radiant you,

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