16 July 2009

Messy, Colourful, Creative Bliss

Recently I have been so busy that for weeks I haven't had the time or the energy to pick up a paintbrush. I have begun to feel that deep need again, the need to create and to share my voice with the world. This is when I begin to soak up others' artistic vibes, celebrating life and colour and passion with them, becoming full of imagination and joy, until it all overflows and I must put it on paper.

Creating is something very spiritual. It calms and soothes, and is something that is completely one's own. Check out these pieces for some inspiration:

My favourite thing about 'art-ing' is .. well, what is it? The movement of the paint, the colours - bold, bright, and happily dancing together on a page; messy fingers and art supplies everywhere; choosing images and words to arrange and paste and play with; the letting go and simply letting my heart do what it loves best.

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