07 July 2009

Mysteries of Life: Part 2

Isn't it odd how many thousands - millions - billions of people we cross paths with in our lifetimes? It's quite a huge number, really. Often when I pass a car on the road, sit next to a person on the bus, or ask someone in another city for directions, I think to myself, "This will be the first and last time I will ever see or talk to this person."

Of course, often the encounter is forgotten and never dwelt on it again. But, when I think about how all of us living in this world are weaving a weird web of connection, how we are all joined together merely by a few words or a single glance - I suspect that there is something more to it than simply a fleeting moment forever lost.

It is a beautiful, mysterious, completely intangible thing - an important thing - that we cannot fully comprehend.

How lucky we are that, even for that fraction of a second, we have a chance to have a small peek and maybe even a bit of influence into an entire life. Do you play a positive or negative; friendly or unkind; smiling or impatient part, however infinitesimally small, in that moment? How do strangers find your first - and only - impression?

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