06 July 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Ninth.. on a Monday

Please forgive me for not being prompt with my regular Saturday posting; I have been running on full speed through endless busyness, and when I have a moment to breathe, I feel exhaustion seep into every limb. This past Sunday I did .. nothing. I snacked and vegged out on TV shows - a break I desperately needed. It felt so good!

And now -
Without further delay,

This rather belated Saturday Challenge, #9. This week, I challenge you to exercise self-control.

It is important to know our strengths and weaknesses, and to continue to improve ourselves. It is often difficult, yes - but proving to oneself that you are in control is a wonderful feeling!

Personally, I am going to go without something this week which does no good for my body: sugar. Cakes, chocolate, cookies, candy - I have a terrible sweet tooth that I find insatiable, and I have for a long time wished to control it. This week, I begin!

How will you strengthen your willpower?

I wish you a marvelous day, you beautiful Souls. You are special - you are loved - and the Universe is good. What a wonderful world you live in, and how lucky we all are to share this life with you!

With love,

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