19 July 2009

Six Things

Last night, I bought a Nikon d50 camera (mine was a much-cheaper eBay buy!). I can't wait to get it and start taking photos to share with you!

In the meantime, however, here are six things to do today:

1. Read this article and 'lust after life'.
2. Discover '10 Ways to Be a Happy Person'
3. View beautiful bold, vibrant, colourful journal spreads here.
4. Find prompts/questions to think about here or here, try an art prompt generator, or follow prompts on twitter for daily inspiration.
5. Be inspired by more beautiful art.
6. Give yourself lots of love and remind yourself just how wonderful you are, grab some lemonade, and spend time outside in the sunshine with all your creative thoughts. (And be sure to have a lovely, lovely afternoon!)

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