21 July 2009

Thoughts on Human Nature

Humans are very complicated. But, perhaps, in the end, two of the biggest things we desire are love and a path to follow.

Every single one of us desires to be appreciated, respected, and loved for who we are. We want to be accepted as an individual, a one-of-a-kind person with a unique gift to the world. We also wish for a path to follow, one on which we can share our gift and develop it to the best of our ability and a path on which we can live our lives most fully.

With the support of others to find this path and give the world what only we can give, we find happiness and fulfillment; if we lack the love of those close to us, or do not recognise our gift or cannot find a way to share it, we become lost and wander sadly until these two needs and desires can be filled.

Have you lost your way, or do you know exactly where you stand?

Though I myself do not know exactly where I am, I will love and nurture and support you -- wonderful, wonderful you -- and the search for your gift and your path, for it is only with the support of one another that we can blossom and become all that we were born to be.

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