31 July 2009


One of the things that I love about myself is my natural tendency to notice the small things.

I often study the way leaves blow in the wind, the little things people do when waiting in line, bees happily buzzing in flowers (see first photo!), the way light hits a ceiling or a wall. I still look at clouds and see what shapes they might make. Yesterday I actually did stop to smell some roses!

Noticing the ordinary things in life that often become invisible to adults is an amazing gift that children possess, and it seems that we lose that wonder as we grow older. As we hurry about our lives, we miss the little things that make life so precious!

This weekend, see if you can slow down, be still, and observe. Notice how a candle flickers, really see what a paintbrush or a flower looks like, or watch the way your child's hair falls in her face. See how the sunlight dances across your desk.

We are surrounded by the little things and yet so often forget to notice them! Pay attention, for a lot more goes on in those small quiet moments than you might think.

Life is such a beautiful thing!

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