29 August 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Fifteenth

"Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of." - Benjamin Franklin

Today, I am angry.

I am angry at feeling trapped, helpless, and unable to make decisions in my own life. I am frustrated and confused, but more than anything am very tired of feeling like this. Doesn't everyone experience these emotions at some time - or many times - in their lives?

The truth, my friends, is that it really does lie in my hands to act and to take control of the time that is passing by more quickly than ever. I need to stop making excuses, sit down, and figure out where the next step is. There is no one to blame but myself; I need to accept this and move foward. Just think of all the time I waste by pitying myself!

Detail of an art card, made by
me - for sale here

In this coming week, I challenge you to consider your life - those things that make it worth it, and the things that you wish to change.

Are you happy where you are in life? Are you learning, growing, experiencing, and continually striving to become a better person? What can you alter in your life to make it more enjoyable and fulfilling? Find out what it is that needs to happen, and then act on it!

Be it something small or large, make the changes that will make your life what you want it to be.

22 August 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Fourteenth

What are your strengths? Your quirks? Your natural gifts? What are the things that make you you?

Today, I challenge you to celebrate YOU and everything you have to offer the world: your individuality, your beauty, your imperfections, your talents, your passions!

Self-love is the most important of all love. Fall in love with you today - go on a date (with yourself, of course!), bake a cake to celebrate you, make a list of all the reasons you love yourself, and be giddy and smooshy and sweet!

And please, tell me how it goes!

21 August 2009

Friday Love

Dear Ones,

I've missed you all! I'm very glad to be back with my blog. I do hope that you all have been happy and full of creative energy, and that you have been drinking in the sunshine and the blue, blue sky.

I know that I promised my Saturday Challenge lists - and I will share them, soon! Have you made yours yet?

My etsy store has also (finally) been updated. (Check out this cute elephant I painted!) My favourites, though, are the cards. I am selling them in sets of four - maybe you would like to buy a set?

Coming up tomorrow, Saturday Challenge the Fourteenth - don't miss it!

17 August 2009


Dear friends,

Please forgive my absence! I have been without internet for a few weeks, but shall shortly return.. I am looking forward to posting regularly again!

Hope that you all have been well and happy,
Much love,

01 August 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Thirteenth

It's a new month, my friends! Happy August!

Already we have come to the last full month of summer and sunshine. But never fear! It is packed full of days to play, create, dance, and soak up every last bit of sun and warmth.

The new word of the month is REJOICE! Rejoice in what remains of this summer and in all the lovely days left in it. Shout to the world your joy of being alive. Sing of the beauty of the deep summer sky, of cornfields swaying in the wind, of sticky afternoons, and family gatherings around the picnic table.

Let us also remember this month to celebrate ourselves, exactly as we are, flaws and all. The world needs us; it needs our lovely, creative, beautiful selves. How different would the world be - how much would be missing - if you weren't here!

This week's challenge is to make some lists:
  • 10 things that inspire you
  • 20 reasons you love yourself
  • 30 things that make you happy
I would love to see what you come up with! I'll make my lists, too, and share them soon.
Have a wonderful, sunny weekend, lovelies.


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