01 August 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Thirteenth

It's a new month, my friends! Happy August!

Already we have come to the last full month of summer and sunshine. But never fear! It is packed full of days to play, create, dance, and soak up every last bit of sun and warmth.

The new word of the month is REJOICE! Rejoice in what remains of this summer and in all the lovely days left in it. Shout to the world your joy of being alive. Sing of the beauty of the deep summer sky, of cornfields swaying in the wind, of sticky afternoons, and family gatherings around the picnic table.

Let us also remember this month to celebrate ourselves, exactly as we are, flaws and all. The world needs us; it needs our lovely, creative, beautiful selves. How different would the world be - how much would be missing - if you weren't here!

This week's challenge is to make some lists:
  • 10 things that inspire you
  • 20 reasons you love yourself
  • 30 things that make you happy
I would love to see what you come up with! I'll make my lists, too, and share them soon.
Have a wonderful, sunny weekend, lovelies.

1 comment:

Cecilia said...

I love this. It inspires me to take on my self-limiting thoughts and to soar. I can be so much more than I realize!

Thanks for this.


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