23 September 2009

Autumn Dreaming

Mailbox, taken with Nikon d50; view my Flickr photostream

This morning I went for a walk. Two days ago was the first day of autumn, yet here the sun is still shining, the trees still are wearing their green dresses, and the air is still warm and sticky. As much as I love summer - and as much as I dread the long, lonely, dark days of winter - I am longing for the cool, crisp days filled with crunchy leaves and morning frost on the ground.

Today I begin my Mission 101. Today I am quiet and contemplative, thinking about the future and what needs to be done today to get there. Today I dream of cosy fall days, the coming Michaelmas time (to be celebrated in a post another day), and hand-knit scarves, warm boots, and thick mittens.

What is on your mind today?

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