21 September 2009

The Beginning - Mission: One Oh One

Happy Monday! Today I will share with you all my secrets, as promised!

Dear ones,

In two days I embark on a new journey into a more extensive project than I have ever before attempted! (Did I keep the secret well enough?) It is called the Day Zero Project, also known as "Mission 101". It is, simply, a mission of completing one hundred and one preset goals in 1001 days.

The items on your list may be anything at all - from keeping your desk clean for one week to visiting a new country to practising random act of kindness on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Cool, huh?

Lovelies, I personally invite you to visit my brand new space: Mission: One Oh One!* View my list* as it stands now (I still have a few adjustments to make before Wednesday), tell me what you think of my goals for the next two and a quarter years, and help cheer me on as I begin crossing things off the list. Please bookmark the page or use the new button on the left sidebar to find your way there again - I welcome all the support I can find!

I will dedicate this blog to the documentation of my progress, my successes and failures, my comments and observations on the project itself, photos, links to others participating, and information on how you can join in, too! Of course, I will keep you updated on My Peacetree, too.

I naturally want to thank a new blog friend, Miss Erica, for inspiring me to do this! She (and her list) can be found here: Be Cheerful. Strive to be Happy. (Please be sure to leave a comment letting her know what you think.) Thank you, Beautiful, for supporting me and helping me and for being such a lovely, sweet lady!

So - please think of me on 23 September and wish me lots of luck for the next 1001 days. If you are inspired to create your own list, let me know and I will add you to my links and cheer you on in your own journey.

Have a wonderful, sparkly, creative day,

PS. Here are some links you may like:
About the Day Zero Project - what it is and how you can start
The Masterlist - links to hundreds of participants and their lists
Day Zero List Makers - support and information for all '101ers'

* [Update 2014: These links have expired and thus been removed.]


taraSG said...

Thanks for linking to Day Zero List Makers! I hope you join :)

Erica said...

You are such an inspiration, Ingrid, and I'm glad I had a brief moment in which I got to inspire you to take on your own Mission 101. I wish you all sorts of luck in your journey of 1001 days.

And while I am commenting, I know this isn't on the proper entry, but I have a question about your dolls. After you sewed your art dollies, did you Gesso the fabric to give them the look that they have? Your dolls look sort of firm and I'm not sure how else you could have done that.

I'm going to make one soon and I will be sure to show you a picture when I'm finished. :D

Ingrid said...

thanks for your comment and thank you for reading! i will join soon, i hope. :)

you're so sweet - thanks for your kind words and thoughts. i'm excited to start!

as for the dolls, i did end up painting most of them with acrylics. i glued some papers on, too. all of that makes them very stiff; gesso would work, too. remember, though, that if you want to sew anything on, do it before you add too many layers, or it gets pretty tough to push the needle through!

can't wait to see pictures!

love to you both,

Steffi said...

Happy beginning of Mission 101 and loads of joy and luck on your journey!!


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