29 September 2009

Michaelmas Day

Every year when I was a child, towards the end of September, my entire Waldorf school would go to a local park and celebrate the festival of Michaelmas (MIH-kall-muss). We would watch the Michaelmas play, sing songs, and have a big potluck dinner. The story told on this day - perhaps legend and certainly a good part metaphor - speaks of how Saint Michael ("MY-kai-ell") encounters a ferocious, evil dragon and tames (or kills) it.

I associate Michaelmas with strength, with courage, with power and fieriness; I take heart from the spirit of today and try to bring it into the dark season ahead. Michaelmas is also an Autumn festival and celebrates the harvest and the preparation for the winter months, and reflects the colours of the changing leaves.

Today I send you courage, strength, and the mightiness and the will to do all that is good and kind! Happy Michaelmas!

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