02 September 2009

A Promise Kept

A little while ago I challenged you to make three lists: one of things that inspire you, one of reasons you love yourself, and one of things that make you happy. I promised to share some of my answers - and I haven't forgotten!

Without further delay, I give you four answers of each list:
  • Things that inspire: colour, travelling, nature, fellow artists
  • Things I love about myself: creative mind, love of human race, fearless adventuress, wonder at simple things
  • Things that make me happy: new places, blank journals, first warm day of spring, friends

As I was writing these lists a rather upsetting thought occurred to me. Things that inspire and things that make one happy are easy lists to make; reasons for self-love are much harder to write down.

Why is this? Is it that we are taught to be modest and to deny our own good qualities? Is it that we really think so little of ourselves? Is our own self-denial part of what causes so many of us to have low self-esteem?

That we downplay every good quality about ourselves is silly! My dear, you are beautiful, you are talented, and you have so many good qualities of which you should be proud! If you haven't made these lists yet, I challenge you once again. Remind yourself how special you really are and why you deserve to be celebrated!

Love to every single one of you,


nadinefazio said...

ingrid, you have a beautiful blog here. I like your artistic style. (i found you through the penpal swap on swap-bot). We seem to have some interests in common as well as some blogs we frequent.

I know the penpal swap deadline is fast approaching, if you are looking for another penpal, please let me know.

augustmarie said...

Hello! I was so inspired by your list that I decided to write my own. Thank you :)


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