19 September 2009

Saturday Challenge, the Eighteenth

Hello, my lovelies, and happy Saturday!

I have a thought - just for today, let's be children! Let's put aside our worries for the day and instead adopt endless wonder and curiosity. In fact, this week I will challenge you to nurture your inner child: blow bubbles, get messy while painting, draw on the sidewalk, be fearless, laugh til your belly hurts, stretch your imagination, and see the good in everyone you meet. (Having some yummy snacks couldn't hurt, either.)

I mentioned in my previous post about a big project that is coming up. I will tell all on Monday - if I can manage to keep quiet until then! When I get excited about things, I tend to have trouble keeping it all to myself.

Nonetheless, I do have a few things to share today! Yesterday I found some beautiful art journal spreads on Flickr. Please check out petalthrow's delicate pages, Natty's soft colour palette, Mariana's bold collages, and Barb's colourful pages and chunky words.

Also, I have finally gotten around to setting up a pro Flickr account; you can find me here:! Please visit and let me know what you think of my photos.

Have a creative weekend!

PS. Early this morning, the spectacular Emily Falconbridge became a mama for the third time! Congratulations to her and her family - and Happy Birthday, dear little Banjo William!

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Maggie May said...

Your blog is just lovely, light and easy to read.


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