01 September 2009

Welcome, Dear September!

A new month begins today, and though summer's warmth is still lingering in the afternoon, autumn's chill can already be felt in the crisp, clear mornings. How quickly one season ends and another begins!

September has always seemed to me the start of a new year. Schools have begun, apples are ripening, and soon (oh! to think!) the lovely green leaves on the big oak outside my window will begin to show its bold autumn colours. But autumn is not just a mark of summer's end; it is also a mark of something new beginning.

Photo taken by me, September 09

Help me celebrate September with a new 'Word of the Month': preparedness. Now is the time to get ready for the coming months - months of long nights and chilly weather, months of learning, months of busyness until the sunshine returns again next spring. Any thoughts on how you will prepare in the coming weeks? Today I start with a seriously-needed cleaning, perhaps some baking, and a yummy soup or stew for tonight's supper. (And perhaps an art-related something along the way!)

Of course, all these notes of autumn are, for the moment, merely to keep in the back of one's mind; for now, the sun is still shining merrily and the birds are still singing!

Don't lose hope yet, friends; the summer is still with us for a few weeks longer. I suggest that you go for a walk today and take in all the beautiful things that surround you - paint them, write about them, photograph them, or simply hold them in your heart!

Have fun, my dears, and happy September!

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