29 October 2009

The Hidden and the Discovered

Found objects: a child's message of peace, golden leaves, handwriting practise paper.
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Hello, you!

I can't thank you enough for your kind words of late. To those who have written to me, and to all who have ever commented on my blog: thank you, thank you, thank you! I never truly expected to be able to reach out beyond my own little corner of the world, much less my own little corner of the internet. To be sharing and celebrating with readers means so much to me. Thank you!

I know that I have been quiet recently. Truly, I have missed writing and sharing with you. I have mentioned before that I have been feeling stuck - in a rut - uninspired. These feelings continue. Today I decided to break past that; I find comfort and calm in this space of mine and I believe that one can't simply write when one feels a certain way. You, beloved reader, will simply have to take me for the good or for the bad. (And I in return will accept you for what you are - deal?)

I have been wondering lately how we can overcome obstacles like lack of creative juices, boredom, or restlessness. Should we wait these moments out, or is it better to push through them to return to a space of productivity and enthusiasm? I don't have answers yet, but will continue to search for them.

Meanwhile, the leaves on the trees continue to fall and the skies maintain their pale, gray hues. The seeming endlessness of these days frustrates me. I will battle this with candles, with tea, with favourite blogs and with whatever artistic fragments motivate me to pick up a pencil or a needle and thread or a paintbrush.

So, friends - here is to the good and to the bad, to giving and receiving, to joy and to frustration and to all that plays a part in this creative life. Cheers!

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Erica said...

When I feel as you do now, I tend to waste the time just waiting for the spark. I doubt that's the best way to work with lack of inspiration, but I'm not sure what else to do. If you find a more positive way to deal with it, please let the world know!


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