01 October 2009

October *Light

My beloved mama has an October birthday.

I have noticed that since I began blogging - and, more specifically, since I began writing about the changing of the seasons - I have come to appreciate the passage of time more greatly. I have begun to notice - really notice - the changes from month to month and the beauty that appears within each one. This year, I am truly looking forward to Autumn and the Winter, and all that lies ahead in this yearly journey.

So here we are, you and I, at the doorstep to another month and another season. October - the month of changing leaves, Halloween, pumpkins, and chilly nights - can you believe that it is here already?! What do you associate with this month? What do you love about it? How will you celebrate it?

The new word of the month is light. I have picked a word this month that can be interpreted many, many ways. There are thousands of celebrations and meditations possible with the word, and I invite you to explore the meaning which best helps you to grow and discover! I encourage you to share your thoughts, artwork, photos, etc. on this word throughout the October month.

Happy October, friends - I wish you the most lovely of autumn days!

PS. Please visit my "Mission: One Oh One" blog - several of my Day Zero friends begin their lists today! Read my most recent post, check out their sites and their lists, wish them luck, and cheer them on as they start their journeys.

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