24 October 2009

Saturday Challenge #23

Today is one of my favourite kinds of days - wild, windy, mysterious, and unpredictable. The dark, dynamic clouds are chasing each other across the sky, playing hide-and-seek with the sun and teasing the earth with the possibility of rain. The wind is coaxing yellow autumn leaves from the trees, and the air is unexpectedly warm.

This week, I challenge you to listen. Close your eyes and allow yourself to melt into all that is around you. Lose your physical self and be present in this moment, in what is being spoken to you right now, be it creative whisperings, nature's own symphony, or what your heart is saying.

In stillness,


Fulano, Beltrano e tio Sicrano (((((((: said...

Se todos cuidassem de si mesmos, estariamos cuidando do mundo.

Ingrid said...

friends, this comment - written in Portuguese - translates to "If all took care of themselves, we would be taking care of the world."

i think this is an intriguing and beautiful thought. thank you for the comment!

Erica said...

i'm listening. <3 i love the sound of my dog's feet when she walks across the linoleum floor. the little click, click, click sound her toenails make brings a smile to my face. dogs are essential.

Brandi said...

When I first closed my eyes and listened, I heard the obvious things: washing machine washing, cars driving past, a bird's cry, my cat purring. But I waited a bit longer and it was like I could hear the fog and the autumn air and farther away the ocean. It's so easy to forget yourself doing something like this.


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