18 October 2009

Saturday Challenge, #22

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Dear friends,

A few years ago, I stumbled upon an art project begun by an ordinary man living in Maryland. The man began collecting secrets, written on the backs of postcards, from anonymous strangers. Today, he has published five books (and donated the money to this organisation) and has inspired thousands upon thousands to share every human emotion and experience, be it beautiful or sweet or sad.

I must admit, I struggled a bit with this week's challenge. I did not in any way want to feel as though I were advertising and pushing material things onto my beloved readers. Please know that this is in no way what I intend. My blog is strictly ad-free and it will stay that way; here is a warm, comfortable, safe place intended to foster love, inspiration, hope, and peace, a place where outside worries are left on the doorstep.

I could tell you to run out and buy the PostSecret books. I won't. Instead, I want to share with you something that I hold very close to my heart, something intangible and good and beautiful. I truly believe that this project has changed my life for the better; it is something that has given me hope in the good of humanity and has changed the way I view myself and others.

This week, I do not challenge, but rather invite you visit the PostSecret website, the PostSecret Community, and the PostSecret Archive. Perhaps you will read a secret that you share with a stranger - perhaps not. But I truly, truly hope that you will find love, hope, inspiration, and comfort from these anonymous cards sent by strangers.

With love,

PS. Should you wish to submit your own secret to the PostSecret project, please send your postcard to:

13345 Copper Ridge Rd.
Germantown, MD 20874

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