09 November 2009

The Joy of Being

What shall we celebrate today?
Will it be the the blue or the rainy skies, the breath in our bodies, the nudge of possibility that this day holds? Or shall we instead celebrate dreams, love, laughter, and hugs..?

I'd like to remind you, dear one, that you are radiant and beautiful and full of so many good things! The Universe loves you! Take my hand and we'll dance down the road together, celebrating everything that is and everything that could be. We'll discuss life and all the wonderful things in it; we'll jump in puddles and we'll chase each other over hills, giggling furiously.

Today is a good day, friend.

1 comment:

Brandi said...

Lovely post and one of my favorite songs (I do love Michael Buble's very daring and dramatic version too, I already can't stop singing it).

Happy Monday. I think we're off to a fantastic start to the week.


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