17 November 2009

On Seeing Ugliness

As much as I hate the fact, not all things in life are beautiful. There is war. There is hate. There are parts of ourselves which we'd rather we didn't call our own. There are unkindnesses and sorrows and suffering.

Though I truly believe that focusing on the positive draws positive things into our lives; that there are uncountable beautiful souls and deeds and thoughts in the world; that there are infinite things of awesomeness on our Mother Earth, I also believe that we need to see the bad and the ugly in order to appreciate the good and the beautiful.

I have been working on an art journal page - this time not focusing on the elements that pull it together or the colours that make me happy. Instead, I am making it uncomfortable and discordant and ugly.

When it is finished I am going to look at it and decide what about it I don't like about it and what repels me from it, be it the colours, the shapes, the composition, the writing, or something else entirely. Then, I will realise the things that do draw me to a journal spread or a piece of art.

Opposites are important; without one, we wouldn't understand the other. Without hate there wouldn't be love, and without war there wouldn't be peace. And without ugliness, there wouldn't be beauty - beauty beyond measure.

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Brandi said...

I completely agree with you. We talk about this occassionally in philosophy, the ideas of what is beautiful and what is ugly and how we define such ideas. They need each other. Even if the ugly didn't exist, we'd have a different scale of what is beautiful and what is ugly. I think one of the most beautiful things about this world is that we can create beautiful positive things in it. What could be a better task?


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