13 November 2009

Technical Question

Would you mind telling me if this font (currently courier) is too difficult to read, and whether you prefer the original (georgia)? Thank you, dearies!


Erica said...

I would definitely suggest that you refrain from using courier. May I suggest Helvetica, Arial, Verdana or Trebuchet if you are looking for a change, or going back to your original Georgia?

*hugs* Thanks for being my friend. :)

Brandi said...

I'm not loving courier. It definitely can be read, but I liked the look your blog had to it with Georgia. And I agree with Erica -- Verdana, Arial, Helvetica would be good alternatives if you're looking for a change.

taraSG said...

I agree with the ladies about. Able to read, but would prefer something else :/

Ingrid said...

thanks so much for your input, ladies.. i really appreciate it!


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