12 November 2009

Wandering in Blogland

When I first entered the blogging world as an observer and a reader, I was astounded at the creativity, the colour, the inspiration that was present in so many blogs. I began to bookmark my favourites, coming back again and again and again and soaking up the beauty of each one. This list still grows, and has become quite long now.

A few days ago, I happened upon a blog called + handmade love +. Perhaps you've already visited it? It is authored by an art student named Dawn, who writes about her artistic life and her daily life and fills her blog with with beautiful, rich photos. I am very excited about this discovery and have already returned several times, excited to soak up the inspiration!

This photo below belongs to the blog elkemay. I simply adore the gentle way of words and the soft, beautiful images and collage that the authoress has. I find calm, quiet, and serenity when I enter her blogspace; it's almost meditative.

Lastly, I want to introduce you to a blog that I have been following for some months now. The Drifter and the Gypsy, authored by Micaela, shares dreamy photographs from photographers all over the web and occasional inspirational words. It radiates magic and encourages daydreaming.

Tell me, friend, what are your favourite blogs to read? Which spaces are the ones you come back to again and again, the ones that inspire you, motivate you, captivate you, teach you?

PS. I visit the blog of every person who comments here ~ I love venturing into others' worlds! If you please, would you invite me to your corner of the internet and show me what you have to share with or say to the world? ♥

1 comment:

Erica said...

Ingrid, your blog is my favorite and you are my inspiration.


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