20 December 2009

Let's Go on a Journey

Peeking up at the wintry, snowy skies of December.

Continuing the reflection begun in my last post, I have been doing some (more) thinking, this time about my blog.

My Peacetree is nearly eight months old, born in early May just as the leaves were turning green and the birds were teaching their little ones to fly. I was - and continue to be - inspired by so many lovely creative, insightful, imaginative, kind, philosophical ladies who grace the web with their presence: iHanna, Gypsy Girl, Kira, and Tara Whitney to name just a few.

The lists of blogs I read and admire has grown and grown, and I now find inspiration in all corners of the web, and have discovered real friendships along the way. How happy I am to be writing and creating beside so many talented, beautiful women!

I have realised, however, that in the past month or two I have not been writing about the things I truly want to write about.

When I began blogging, I intended to write about creativity and philosophy and inspiration, and how all three are woven together in a beautiful, complex, astounding way. Instead, somehow these things have morphed into hastily written snippets about what I am doing or what will be happening soon.

In the next year - and in the few weeks left in this one - I hope to refocus my penmanship, writing about wonder, curiosity, creativity, beauty, love, and humanity. There are so many things in this world greater than I, and those are the things I want to explore and discover and celebrate! Through that journey, I will fall more in love with life and will realise that the Universe has a place for every single one of us.

And so I ask you again, as I did in my very first post so many months ago: will you join me?


Erica said...

I feel I already have joined you and walked beside you, and if it's okay with you I would like to continue with you in your journey.

晚上 said...
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ocdmbfan said...

I'm in!!!
What a great blog btw!!! It is really late and I just got home and all I want to do is sleep so I am bookmarking this for further investigation tomorrow. :) So happy to meet you my friend! :)

red-handed said...

What a nice idea.


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