26 December 2009

Saturday Challenge #30

Nearly every Saturday, I post a new Challenge. Ranging from artistic prompts to self discovery exercises to ideas for living a wholesome, beautiful life, every Challenge seeks to inspire growth, love, creativity, and a more full life!

The past week has flown by in a complete rush. There were so many things to buy and people to see and recipes to follow. Now that all that has passed, do you feel the same way as I do - exhausted and spent and longing for a quiet moment or two?

Here we are with all of 2009 stretched behind us; it is only a little less than a week, incredibly, before 2010 begins. Three hundred and fifty nine days to consider and weigh and reflect upon; what joys and sorrows and proud moments have you lived in those days? What would you change; what would you like to try in the new year; what would you like to stop doing?

I challenge you to find some quiet space in the coming week both to recover from the holidays and to spend some time thinking of the new year. Mentally fill 2010 with good things, moments of learning and growth, adventures, love, and opportunity.

And repeat to yourself, over and over: 2010 will be a good year, yes it will!

You can view and participate in past challenges here, and remember that you can share photos in the (rather neglected) Flickr group. If you have a suggestion for a challenge, please leave a comment or write me an email at mypeacetree2 (at) gmail (dot) com.

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