31 December 2009

The Stroke of Midnight

Today we all stand in between the past and the future. We have now become the sum of the year behind us as well as all the years before it. We are a year older, perhaps a year wiser; we have accomplished some things and still have much left to do; we have laughed til our sides ached; and we have cried in fear, anger, or sadness.

Dearests - happy, happy new year! May you have three hundred and sixty five magical days filled with grand, beautiful things!

I wish you love and hope and courage and laughter and adventure and many sweet, wonderful moments! I hope that your year is filled with possibility and opportunity, and that you act on both without the fear of failure. I hope that you spend lots of time with those that you love and with those that love you.

I wish you sunny days and snowy days, green leaves and fireflies, picnics and puddles to jump in and the ocean to calm you; stars to twinkle and make you wonder. I wish for you to know that you are deeply, deeply loved, and to know beyond a doubt that you are an irreplaceable and incredibly significant being, no matter how itsy-bity you may feel.

I hope that you learn and that you always strive to grow and become and be a better person; that you give back to the world everything you can; and that you are able to find Beauty and Love and truly marvelous things in your every day!

Tonight marks a new beginning, and "the first day of the rest of your life". What will you fill January 1st with?


Steffi said...

Lovely! I wish the same for you!

Happy New Year, sweetie!

Brandi said...

May all you wish return unto you. Have a very beautiful holiday and may the New Year bring unexpected blessings.

rachel awes said...

happy new year to you ingrid! i send you streams of bountiful joy...


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