07 January 2010

Late Night Musings

Storm drain; taken in December 09

Many times, negatives seem to outweigh the positives, if only in imagination. We are bombarded left and right with expectations of how we should look and behave, of how we should feel, of what we should accomplish. And when we fall outside of these "normals", often - so often! - we berate ourselves for not being good enough.

What silliness!

We are individuals, with individual desires and needs and hopes and dreams! We cannot be sorted or molded or expected to perfectly fit into a box with the other six billion individuals on the planet. It is our differences that make us so exceptionally precious.

Do not consider yourself flawed because your idea of success does not match up with others', and do not feel alone because your dreams lead your down far different paths than your friends or family. You are a shining, magnificent soul and you do hold within you the power to be and to do - well, anything!

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