26 January 2010

Outside the Box

After I writing the last Saturday Challenge, I decided to make a new, small art journal. It is made of stiff brown paper - the kind that paper bags are made of - and has twelve pages sewn together completely imperfectly. I love it. Because it is not neat and tidy and beautiful, I am not afraid to splash color onto its pages and even "mess up" an entire page or two or three; it is mine to beautify or to destroy, and I have been having quite a bit of fun experimenting with it! I'm excited to show you some of the pages when I am certain that they are finished.

When I made this little book, I made a second even smaller one for my mama. She is an artist, though she is very shy to admit it, and like many of us is afraid to let her creative spirit free. She tells me that since she does not have a space where she has abundant art supplies to reach for on a whim, she cannot create as she'd like - but, dearests, you do not have to have art supplies in order to make art!

It may sound silly at first, I know. But I ask you: what do you believe a "true" artist possesses - a rainbow of paints, perhaps? Many brushes of different sizes and shapes? Pens and pencils and papers and stickers which can magically come together to create the perfect piece? See if you can create with those things that are all around you in your home: newspaper, magic marker, a pencil, color from tea or berries, yarn or string, junk mail, house paint or spray paint, old receipts, your own handwriting, images from catalogues, crayons, post-it notes, lined paper, found objects... the possibilities are endless!

True creativity comes from dancing on your toes and dreaming up new ways to solve a given problem; here one of the definitions of "create" is 'to produce through imaginative skill'! What sorts of things can you create through imaginative, innovative thinking?


About me: said...

Wow! Yes!

And synchronicity again :) I was looking up the words 'creative', 'art' and 'spiritual' in the dictionary yesterday, to find out what they truly mean. And this morning I thought about my women's group meeting next week and that if we spontaneously decide to make art we could just use the pencils I got in my bag and find some paper somewhere.

I like the idea of using the things I find around me more and to combine them in new ways to make art!

Lots of love! ♥

Erica said...

Ingrid! Quite possibly my favorite blog post from you. Thank you for reminding us that to be an artist you only have to have put forth a little effort. :D You need not expensive oil paints nor your own studio. All you need is a few mediums you can find just about anywhere.

Brandi said...

Ingrid, you're always so very right. I think the most amazing thing about artists is they find inspiration and materials everywhere they look.

Lianne said...

Great blog post! Will soon start my journey of art, I'm curious what it will bring me!

Ingrid said...

thank you ladies for your comments! it's always so wonderful to know that i'm cyber-surrounded by such creative, kind, awesome people. :)


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