03 February 2010

Beautiful Beyond Measure

This lovely image is via thelastdisco.

You should never apologize for who you are.

It can be tempting, sometimes, for whatever reason - I know. But as hard and scary as it can be, you must stand up and say "This is me, and I will not nor cannot be anyone else!" Lovely, you are beautiful inside and out, as sparkly as new snow, radiant as the sun, as deep as the ocean! And you are filled with so many complex, wonderful thoughts and ideas and dreams woven together and together and together again. There is nothing to apologize for. You are you, and you are a splendid you!

With love,


Brandi said...

You are just awesome.

Steffi said...


Lianne said...

Just the words I needed! Last week my boyfriend and I ended our relationship after 2,5 years, so I'm not feeling too well.. So these beautiful words are very welcome! Thank you!

Serena said...

your blog is beautiful

red-handed said...

That's fabulous.

Miss Danger said...

And this, my dear, is EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Your blog is incredibly inspiring :)

Ingrid said...

thank you brandi, steffi, lianne, serena, red-handed and miss danger! i'm so glad that this meant something to you, and for some of you came at exactly the right moment.

being gentle to yourself is important; sometimes i need a reminder, too.


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