08 February 2010

Love Letter

In German: "My sweet treasure."

To my Dearest ~

Who is so shy about having his picture taken; who laughs with me at silly television shows and who dries my tears every time we must say good-bye; who teases and tickles, who sweeps me off my feet, who steals the last bite on my plate; whose voice is music and whose embrace is heaven ~

To the one who bears the thousands of miles and the ocean between us just because he loves me ~

Happy, happy, happy birthday. I wish you three hundred and sixty five days filled with the most wonderful, beautiful, happy things imaginable. Ich liebe dich so sehr!


Lianne said...

That's so sweet! Congrats with your boyfriend's birthday!
Hope you two have a great day, even though you are so far away from each other.

(We should swap homes for a while, then you would live much closer to him! :)

Michele Fischer said...

How beautiful! Thanks for sharing your love!

Erica said...

Ooh. ♥ How long have you two been together?

Ingrid said...

thanks for the comments, lovelies! lianne, i'd love to saw homes with you ~ i'm sure you'd do brilliantly here, but my dutch leaves something to be desired... ;)

erica, we've been together nearly two years. happiness!


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