13 February 2010

Saturday Challenge #37

Quote by Samuel Lover, photo by me.

My family celebrates Valentine's Day in what I assume is different than the rest of the country. Instead of only romantic love, we celebrate universal love: the love of family and friends and strangers. We remind each other that we are loved, deeply, and that each of us is individual and unique and very much appreciated for who we are. I like our little tradition quite a bit; it brings us together instead of pushing us apart due to differences in relationship status. Love brings us together. None of us feels lonely or neglected.

This weekend I want to remind you that you are loved. Taken or single, you are loved, and you are important, and you are appreciated. This weekend, I challenge you to buy yourself flowers and go on a date with yourself if you do not have a partner. Spend time with those who love you and those you love. Give and receive hugs. Leave love notes for strangers. Pass the love on!

I wish you a Valentine's Day that is filled with wonderful things, happy moments, many smiles, good surprises, and perhaps a kiss or two!

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Brandi said...

This is precisely the way I celebrate Valentine's Day too. I try to find ways I can make others smile, people outside my family who maybe need that extra reminder that they're loved.
You're such a special soul, my dear. Don't ever change.

Lianne said...

I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day. It's not a big thing in the Netherlands.
But I really love this thought! I will give it a shot! I will tell my friends that I love them, I will send a little love to strangers, I will fill this week with a lot of love!

I keep wondering how it's possible that you keep writing these beautiful words that touch me every single time! It has happened more than once that you wrote just the words I needed to hear! It's magical!

You are very talented Ingrid! And I love the fact that I have discovered your blog!

Ingrid said...

Happy Valentine's Day to both of you, my dear friends! You inspire me and encourage me in so very many ways, and i'm such a lucky girl to know you. :)

much love,


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