20 February 2010

Saturday Challenge #38

Detail of an art journal spread by me.

I believe, without exception, that everyone is an artist. Many I have met, however, do not agree - and it seems that the majority of those who say this are the ones who wish in their heart of hearts to be called "artist". Many compare themselves to other artists and tell themselves that they'll never be so "good" or "talented"; some continue to create, laughing at what they think is "not good enough", and some shove their art in a corner give up trying.

Today, whatever you think of your own abilities, I challenge you to create anyway. Instead of focusing on the end result, enjoy the process. Let your art turn out far differently than you expected it to - it's perfectly normal and okay if it does! If you get frustrated, turn the page or paint it over or write on top of it about how you feel. Let your inner child out to play, to splash, to color, to mess up and to create beautiful things that no one else in the world could replicate!

If you fill a sketchbook with drawings, start another, and fill that one, too. And then start another. And I promise you that your inner critic will become quieter and your inner artist will become more confident through persistence and continual practice and experimentation. And in the meantime, if you need support and a warm, gentle, welcoming place to bring out your artist self, go here. Read the guidelines. Share your art (even - especially - the art you dislike) and see what beauty others see in it that you do not. Please note that though it's "invitation only", I will welcome whomever wants to be a part; I simply want it to feel like a safe place to expose ones fears and insecurities and hopes!

Happy creating!

Every week, Ingrid posts a new Saturday Challenge. View past challenges here, or upload a photo to the Flickr group; if you have an idea for a challenge, please send an email to mypeacetree2 (at) gmail (dot) com!


睡衣 said...
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Anonymous said...

First of all thanks so much for commenting on my blog!!!:)
second I totally agree it doesnt matter how good or bad your art is as long as you make a meaning ful mark on paper(by meaningful i mean something that you love or has some truth about your life or means anything to you in any way)you ARE AN ARTIST!I love your idea about making a sketchbook to fight your inner critic!!Go girl!!

Erica said...

You recently shared a video and I guess you must have deleted the entry since- however, it still showed up in my feed reader. I wanted to thank you so much for sharing that inspirational little video because without you having posted it, I never would have saw it. It filled my heart with joy!

Ingrid said...

though i can't be sure, i think 'anonymous' is the authoress of this blog: dearest, i couldn't have said it better myself! and next time, lovely, you should leave your name so that others can find you. ;) thanks for commenting!

erica, the video will be posted soon. i was making sure that it would post properly. so glad you enjoyed it!


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