07 February 2010

Six Things

From last week's secrets.

I have visited the PostSecret website every week without exception for about three years. Today, PostSecret is unable to post its weekly secrets due to a power outage in Maryland; this is only the second time since the project's birth that the secrets have not been posted! I have decided, in its honor, to share six things that you perhaps did not know about me before.
  1. I dream almost every single night, very vividly and realistically, and usually can remember three or four dreams (or parts of dreams) when I wake up. It's a quite a bit of fun.
  2. I want to visit so many places in the world: Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco, France, Romania, Mexico, and India are some of the top ones on my list. Most of these places are in Europe, I know - but all of Africa also has a special place in my heart, and I'm not entirely sure why. Someday I'd love to visit and perhaps someday even live there for a little bit.
  3. I love to go swing dancing. I haven't gone for quite a while, but I've been somewhat involved for a few years now. I love the music and the environment and learning new steps - it's really not nearly as difficult as it might look!
  4. I have a big love affair with theater. I love watching it, acting it, analysing it, living it, and breathing it. Sadly, I haven't been in a show since 2007 - but I really hope to get involved with it again soon.
  5. I dabble a bit on the piano. I'm self-taught, but since I read music before I started playing it was much easier to pick it up. It's another way that I like to express myself.
  6. I have three grandmothers (one is a step-grandmother, but she married into my family long before I was born), and they are from Brazil, the US, and Sweden. I call each of them by the word "grandmother" in their language: vovó, grandma, and mormor.
If you like, you can read about why I love PostSecret so much, and you can find out some more about me here and here!
Have a beautiful day, friends!

{Update} The PostSecret website has been updated for this week! Go check it out.


Brandi said...

I love your list. I miss being in shows so much sometimes -- and I haven't done anything since 2002, which is a long time for a girl who went to school for acting. And swing dancing is one of my favorites too -- well, that and Argentine tango.

Erica said...

Ooh you swing dance? That is one of my favorite styles of dancing, although I haven't a clue how to dance (any style!) myself.


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