23 February 2010

A Burst of Inspiration

Video by Dancing Mermaid; music by Amy Steinburg.

This makes me want to do a post on children and their unwavering belief in unlimited possibility and goodness in the world. Absolutely inspiring.


Brandi said...

Very cool video. I would love to read that post, should you decide to write it.

Make-a-life said...

Yes , that post would be fab to read.I love the way little children always belive they can make art and don't care what anyone thinks of it. We could really learn from them in that way.Its so cute.And the cat in the video is sooo cute!!!!
ps.Did you paint those words onto the stones yourself?If you did coolya!!

Ingrid said...

make-a-life, the video isn't mine - it's by a talented woman over at the stones are hers, too. aren't they beautiful, though? i'd love to make some for myself!

Lianne said...

This almost made me cry, so beautiful..

Love the quote from Christine Mason Miller at the end: 'at any given moment you have the power to say: this is not how the story is going to end'.

This made a huge impact on me

Ingrid said...

oh, lianne. every blogger hopes to hear that a post makes a difference to just one person ~ i'm so very glad it was you. (hugs)


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