31 March 2010

Blossoming Treetops

The original plan was for me to move into my new home today, but the looming deadlines for college transfer applications have forced me to be patient enough to wait a few more days (and determined to get it all done as soon as I can manage).

Today has been an achingly beautiful day - the sky is clear blue, the sun bright, and the air warm. I managed to sneak out for a little walk to capture some of spring's loveliness; I'd be so disappointed if I missed out on all the wonderful changes going on around me! I hope to spend some time outdoors in the next weeks doing silly fun things like drawing on the sidewalk, blowing bubbles, and maybe even this!

Your comments on my last few posts have been so lovely and encouraging to read. Thank you so very much, each one of you, for your kindness. It means so much!

Much love,

PS. Oh, my! I just had a sudden realization that tomorrow is April!! Where oh where has the time gone?! How is it possible that I am approaching another birthday and my blog is already nearly one?

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