06 March 2010

Disappearing Act

View from a booth at the local diner, taken earlier this week.


As you read this, I am off gallivanting around the wondrous New York City with my dear Boy. (Photos to follow soon, I promise.) Please excuse my absence - and the lack of Saturday Challenge - today! Do read my previous Saturday posts here and have a truly lovely weekend.

Love to you all!


Brandi said...

Absence immediately forgiven -- especially since you're bringing back photos of my beloved NYC. I hope you and the Boy are having a wonderfully lovely time!

Steffi said...

Love the pic! Have a wonderful magical time!

L-pop said...

I agree with the previous commenters (yes I'm known for my laziness in commenting... although this is a comment that's quite long... wait--now I'm just getting carried away...)

Ingrid said...

thank you so much, ladies, for your sweet wishes! l-pop, i simply loved your comment - it made me smile in a big way!


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